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Practical suggestions of ways you can prayerfully consider getting involved:

1. Fast with liquid/water only for 21 days. 

2. Choose a particular day of the week, a 24 hour period, to fast each time it’s in this cycle. For instance every Monday during this 21 day period. 

3.  Choose which meal you will fast, say breakfast, for a few days or 21 day duration. 

4.  Refine your eating, like vegetables only, for 21 days or some portion. 

5.  Use the times you feel hungry or other reminders of the commitment of fasting to turn your heart toward God in prayer, worship, meditation and in the Word. 

6.  Fasting diminishes the souls ability to control our spiritual passion; our emotions, thoughts or will. These become depleted of power to improperly influence our lives as we purposefully turn our hearts attention toward God. 

7. Fasting sharpens your spiritual acuity, awakening the Spirit born Inner Man. In our “intentional” weakness we are calling out for His eternal strength. 

8. Fasting draws our attention forcefully and more purely toward God. It awakens a sense of His Presence, removes various “appetites” from there place of control. 

9.  Fasting helps us reach past earths limitations into Heaven’s inexhaustible supply. 

10.  Fasting does not make us more eternally Saved, but it sure helps us experience the Eternal in this temporary home.